The graduation concert of Hanna ”Loimú” Uimonen: ”The WIZARD in I” invites you to a musical journey that offers glimpses of a transformative story. We journey from codependence to independence confronting what the self truly consists of and how it manifests. After seeking the magic from outside we find it within ourselves and become the Wizard that accepts and loves us unconditionally.

Amongst the interpretations of great pieces accompanied by her awesome band Hanna will play one of her original songs and one song with her progressive metal band Canvas of Silence.

Livestream: www.musiikkikampus.fi/livestream

Kaikki tapahtumat

  • Aika 28.4.2021 klo 19:00 - 19:50
  • Paikka Siltasali
  • Esiintyjän linkki Siirry sivulle

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